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Fall Play: Kyklos Mythos
December 1 - 10, 2022

Rehearsal Calendar



Cast List



Hallie G, Hannah W., Natasha A.


Joshua F


Eden T


Halea R


Marie L

Narcissus / Charon

Raul S


Kaleb S


Gemma L


Tatum T


Nicholas Z


Anthony L


Joseph T


Sebastian L


Paley H-K


Aashvee V., Evie M., Salma G.

Note From The AuthorKyklos Mythos is intended to be an introduction to Greek theater. Many of the forms first devised by the Greeks are still found in modern contexts. Through working on this production performers will understand group movement, chanting, and dynamic positioning.

In writing Kyklos Mythos my goal was to stretch the performers  without breaking them. As such I have selected myths more commonly known as well as supplementing extra tidbits.

- Tsel BenZacharia

The major myths discussed in the show are:

First Act:

Bacchus - God of wine and theater

Zeus Infidelities - Including Io
Echo & Hera - Echo's curse for interfering with Hera

Echo & Narcissus

Second Act:

Rise of the Olympians

Hades and the kidnapping of Persephone

Hades, Persephone, & Demeter - Creation of the seasons

Punishment of Tantalus

Orpheus & Eurydice

Excerpts from the play:

Excerpt from Echo & Narcissus

So Narcissus stayed looking 

At the magnificent youth

Bound by the boundary of water

From his sadness he stayed ever vigilant



Oh marvelous boy,

I loved you in vain,




But Narcissus

All this time 

Was still under the unrequited

Gaze of Echo






The fire passion of the boy

Melted him from within

His body transformed

And from it’s last vantage

A magnificent flower sprung forth


Choragus & Chorus:

Echo came down from her cave

To take the new form 

Of the one she loved 

And carried it with her 

Back to her dark hold

Her life, immortal, could not

Be ended by the Fates

As such her body faded

Into the shadows 

And her bones turned to stone

Till all that remained was her voice

Excerpt from beginning of Act 2

Choragus & Chorus:

In the golden age father sky






Ruled with his bride mother Earth





Choragus & Chorus:

From their union came twelve titans

Including the parents of the Olympiads

Gaia angered at her husband for 

Imprisoning their children



The hundred-handed Hecatoncheires and one-eyed Cyclopes,


Choragus & Chorus:

In the depths of Tartarus

Conspired with her son, Kronos

To castrate her husband

Kronos was successful & ascended

To lead the rulers of the heavens

He was warned in prophecy that he 

Would be brought down by his own children

With Rhea his wife Kronos had six offspring

Kronos swallowed the first five

But Rhea with help of Gaia secreted the sixth

Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon 

Were regurgitated by Kronos following

Zeus’ coming of age

A mighty war was fought 

In the end Kronos was defeated and the

Olympians ascended to on high

At the conclusion of the titanomachy



Lots were drawn



Zeus having chosen the longest 

Ascended to the heights of Olympus 

And claimed the sky as his dominion

He was bestowed with thunder bolts 

With which to protect his dominion

Poseidon having the next lot

Took the oceans as his domain

To defend his holdings 

He was given the trident

Hades having chosen the shortest

Was left with the Underworld

And was bestowed with

The Helm of Darkness



Brothers after my assistance 

In fighting during the titanomachy 

It is repugnant that I would receive 

Such a distasteful dominion to rule

Nothing will grow

I must act as jailer to our father

I will have no one for company

And I must contend with older gods

Whom may not accept me as their leader



Brother remember when all is said and done

All that shall remain is the Underworld

Your land is eternal though mine and Poseidon's

May be undone 

Our father must remain bound in Tartarus

We will always assist in this task should trouble arise

As for taking control make consort Nyx

And bind the land to your will

Companionship will be found two form

Take with you the monster Cerberus

He shall serve you well and guard the entry to your land

So that none who shall enter shall exit again

I will also promise unto you one of my daughters

To serve as your bride and to rule by your side

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