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(Performing Arts Parent Association)

Leigh High School has long had an outstanding reputation for excellence in its musical and performing arts programs. Leigh High School Performing Arts Parents Association (PAPA) seeks to foster and promote an enthusiastic interest in the Performing Arts at Leigh and throughout the community. We strive to develop communications and relationships among Leigh High School staff, PAPA members, and the wider Leigh High School community.

PAPA is a completely volunteer run organization, supporting all of the performing arts students, teachers, staff and organizations at Leigh High School. We provide a framework for parent and community support, both financially and operationally, for the Performing Arts at Leigh High School. Financial support is provided by a combination of general fundraisers, program specific fundraisers, and parent and community donations. Operational support is provided under the direction of Leigh staff in a manner designed to uphold the educational goals of the teachers and school. Through a succession of graduating classes, faculty, and directors, PAPA has provided consistent, accountable, and enthusiastic support for all of Leigh’s performing art students and the staff who support their dreams.

PAPA operates under an annual budget, approved by the general membership of PAPA. PAPA membership is open to any adult who lives in the area, is genuinely interested in the objectives of this organization, and willing to uphold its policies and subscribe to the bylaws of the organization. Voting membership in PAPA is restricted to parents or guardians of students involved in one or more performing arts classes or activities at Leigh High School.

PAPA Meetings

PAPA meetings are held monthly from September through June, generally on the 2nd Monday of each month.

PAPA Volunteer Opportunites click here

For more information on how to get involved go to Leigh PAPA's website at
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