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See Key Instructions At Bottom On How To Make Sure Your Donation Goes To Theater Arts NOT Band/Guard/Choir 

Make Sure To Scroll Down To The Proper Theater Arts Program.  Be Careful Not To Select A Band, Guard or Choir Program.  Suggestion Donation Amounts Are At Bottom Of This Page.


There Are Buttons To Donate For:

  • Dramatic Theater Classroom.

  • Musical Theater Classroom.

  • Technical Theater Classroom .

  • A Theater For The Future.

  • Thespian Club And Travel Donations.

  • Spring Drama.

  • Spring Musical.

  • Student-run Productions.

  • Annual Haunted House.

Donations Can Be Made At the Following Link:


Thank You For Your Donation!

Theater Arts Class (Drama)

(Suggested 2022-2023 Donation is $100)

Technical Theater Class

(Suggested 2022-2023 Donation Is $100)

Musical Theater Class

(Suggested 2022-2023 Donations Is $100)

Productions -Please click on the appropriate donation button for the show.

A Theater For The Future - Our facility is now over 10 years old. As such we try to build a larger donation pool for upkeep and improvements to keep our facility as relevant as when it first opened.



No fundraisers at this time.



Occasionally we have big projects that fall outside of the scope of a production or directly tied into a class. Currently we are asking help with:

Replace/Repair Seating In PAC. $5,000-10,000

The chairs are starting to show their age in the form of splintering of the veneer on the backs of chairs, dirty/ripped fabric on seats. This money would be used to purchase new seats in order to replace ones that are showing their age. Good parts from chairs being replaced would be maintained to repair chairs going forward.

Purchase Seat Risers for Black Box


With the inaugural show of our new Black Box Theater  "Of Mice & Men" we noticed a severe issue. Audience seated towards the back of the house could not see as all the rows were on the same level. We are looking to purchase a 4 or 5 tier seat riser system from Wenger to correct this issue.

To donate to this fund please use the Thespian Club and Travel Donations, and under purpose of donation put what you would like to donate for.

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