See Key Instructions At Bottom On How To Make Sure Your Donation Goes To Theater Arts NOT Band/Guard/Choir 

After Clicking Over To The PAPA Donation Page Make Sure To Scroll Down To The Proper Program Like Drama, Musical Theater, Technical Theater, Productions, Etc.

http://leighpapa.org/donations/.  Thank You For Your Donation!

Theater Arts Class (Drama) Suggested 2020-2021 Donation is $75

Technical Theater Class (Suggested 2020-2021 Donation Is $75)

Musical Theater Class (Suggested 2020-2021 Donations Is $75)

Productions -Please click on the appropriate donation button for the show.

A Theater For The Future - Our facility is now over 10 years old. As such we try to build a larger donation pool for upkeep and improvements to keep our facility as relevant as when it first opened.



No fundraisers at this time.

dTargeted Donations


Occasionally we have big projects that fall outside of the scope of a production or directly tied into a class. Currently we are asking help with:

Purchase pipes for black box theater. $1000-2000

Purchase hardware for black box theater $500-1000
Purchase lighting instruments for black box theater $1,000-10,000

Purchase fabric to make curtains for black box theater $500-1000

To donate to this fund please use the Thespian Club and Travel Donations, and under purpose of donation put what you would like to donate for.