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Fall Play: Clue - On Stage
December 1 - 9, 2022

Casting Information



Bribery Cast
12/1 @ 7pm  12/7 @ 7pm  12/9 @ 2pm


Gemma L.

Amanda R. 

Tatum T.

London D.

Marie L.

Kayla N.

Anthony L.

Brooke S.

Lorien B.

Rose H.

Kendall R.

Ruby L.



Blackmail Cast
12/2 @ 7pm  12/8 @ 7pm  12/9 @ 7pm


Kaleb S.

Carina C.

Hannah W.

Zaria W.

Cailyn R.Z.

Noah H.

Matthew R.

Elena M.

Siri S.

Nick Z.

Samy H.

Addie C.




Mr. Wadsworth

Mr. Green

Miss Scarlet

Mrs. Peacock

Mrs. White

Professor Plum

Colenel Mustard


Cook/Unexpected Cop

Mr. Boddy/Chief of Police

Motorist/Backup Cop

Singing Telegram/News Reporter/Cop


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