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2020-2021 Troupe 7619 Officer Elections

  • Fill out the 2020-21 Troupe 7618 Officer Application Google Form.

    • *Where it says “Find 2 CURRENT OFFICERS who support you to run for an officer position & write their names below,” this can be as simple as texting, emailing, or calling a current officer and asking them to support your campaign!


  • Make and submit your campaign poster by emailing it in a PDF file to by May 7. These posters will be posted on the @leightroupe Instagram, so keep that in mind. 

    • Directions:

      • Please format it to be 11” by 17” (I recommend you use Canva)

      • Include a headshot/photo of yourself

      • 3-5 bullet points highlighting your qualifications (why should you be elected?)

      • Make it your own!! Don’t be afraid to decorate it, maintaining taste of course


  • Prepare a 1 minute (or less!) speech that you will give during Zoom theater club on May 14. 

    • Your speech should include:

      • A short introduction of yourself

      • What you have done in the department thus far and what plans you have for the coming years (if any)

      • Why you believe that you should be an officer

      • Any ideas that you might have for the troupe


If you need help with any of this, reach out to an officer!! We would all be more than willing to help you out. You can contact us at:



408-761-7830 /


408-334-2655 / 


808-369-4704 /


408-464-9583 /


408-564-9309 /


408-896-3760 / 

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