The Lady Cries Murder

February 28 - March 7, 2019 Leigh High School Performing Arts Center

Placed in 1938, the story is a classic detective tale of the period, cram-packed with twists.  See's plot plays on three levels: First, there is radio scripter, Sartone, who has developed a popular detective series; second, there are the actors playing the characters in his scripts; and, finally, there are characters who think they are real.

Character List

Total: 14 F:8 M:6


Philip Diamond - A tough, sincere hard boiled detective

Angela La Tour - Philip’s tough, sincere hard boiled secretary

Miriam Brooks - Charles’ Secretary

*Marsha Shorthand/Grace - A vivacious client/lover of Philip

Emma Shortand - Marsha’s elegant mother in law

Wadsworth - The butler

Announcer - Self explanatory

Waiter - Also self explanatory

*Shanghai Sue - Seductive Asian owner of an opium lounge

Ernie Bone - Her brawny boyfriend

*Raoul Jamaica - A dangerous ladies man

*Ian Lataby - Charles’ chauffeur

Lieutenant Grog - A tough cop

Sergeant Dunk - Tough cop’s partner

Jasper Grunt - A corporate bloodsucker

Charles Sartone - A sleazy famous writer (and plagiarizer)

Delores Sartone - Charles’ airheaded wife

William Kreskin - A concerned lawyer

Raymond Chandler - The REAL famous writer


Note: Characters highlighted in the same color are double cast (the actor will play both



Characters may have certain accents:

Marsha: German

Sue: Chinese

Raoul: Hispanic

Ian: Cockney


Italicised character will be genderbent to be female roles.